Here is a list of FAQs. Do not hesitate to contact us with your comments to complete this information. To do this just send us your email address: ams[AT]coldevence.net (remplace [AT] by @) or on the forum of the main website : http://www.coldevence.net.

Just one for the moment. A second one is being constructed and should be operational in the field in a few months. We will modify the website to add any useful information. In the future we plan to install other less complex AMS (at least three) for a triangular configuration.

For the moment there is only the WAT-902H2 Ultimate. As soon as the AMS version 220v (on the power main) is in place, we will install one or two traditional webcams at first. Then at a later date when finances permit, we would like to add an infrared camera.

After having researched the cameras available on the market which had the characteristics required for our project, we chose the last Watec model, the WAT-902H (http://www.watec.net/english/). e were also guided in this direction by the head of the SonotaCo (http://sonotaco.com/). The head of this website is the formidable author of a software package UFOCapture which we use for the AMS / ICDV.

The videos online are somewhat compressed to avoid saturating the site where they are housed and so that the download time is not too long. If you wish to have access to one or more videos of good quality in order to analyze them, just make a request by email. We would be very happy to have your conclusions after. We can only respond to serious requests from people with genuine intentions to study the videos.

No, and for several reasons. Some of them are not published immediately so that our team has the priority for an initial evaluation. Also our web host imposes a space limitation and we must limit the number of videos. Finally, to put the videos online requires a certain amount of time (reframing if necessary, compression, etc.). Although by itself it does not take too much time, when you add it all up it takes a lot of time. We also have other activities which take up a lot of time. Even so, we will try to regularly post new videos as time permits.

All depends on what you take into account. Because of our jobs and the people we know, we have been able to obtain equipment for less than what you would normally pay, even free. That said, certain expenses are unavoidable. To give you an idea, the "solar" AMS V1 cost us about 2000-3000 EUR. When you add other sensors, the cost increases.

We are an independent group who are beholden to no one.

There is an enormous amount of things to do. In the short term we are thinking of adding a small weather station that could be directly plugged into the USB port on the computer and which could record diverse weather data in the files. All ideas are welcome. On the other hand, we are limited by money and time. For that reason if you wish to concretely participate in our project, we are entirely open to this. By "concretely" we mean to make or to help make something operational that could be added to our system.

We prefer not to accept private monetary donations because we feel that the study of enigmatic phenomenon should remain an enthusiasm and not a business. On the other hand, certain professionals have already shown an interest. In compensation for a small amount of advertising (banners in the "Sponsor"s section), we accept donations of cash and equipment. Another source of income is the profit from the sale of the book on the mysteries surrounding the Col de Vence. You can find all the information on this subject and you can order the book on the editor's website : www.nerusi.com.