The team in charge of the AMS project

Above all we are a group of friends. Our team was formed little by little since the 1990s, joined by a common passion. The evenings spent onsite are for us a way to exchange information, to meet new people and to come close to another reality which sometimes escapes us. We are generally discreet about our activities by obligation, or simply because we have no particular desire to be recognized..

blue ufo

Several times we have been witness to unusual happenings in the Vence region and elsewhere, which has given us the desire to learn as much as possible from each new experience. We think that this desire to understand these strange events is not incompatible with having a critical sense. We have been mistaken several times about the exact nature of certain happenings and we will probably be mistaken again. However certain observations appear to be so incredible that they defy rational explication.

As extraordinary as they are, the accounts are generally insufficient to move forward in the understanding of these phenomena. Concrete elements are needed that we can study so that the reality of these events can be proven to the public. It is in this perspective that we want to launch this automatic surveillance station. On a modest level, as compared to the Hessdalen project, this is the first time that such a project has been launched in France by an independent team.

We come from various socio-professional categories and we have diverse technical competencies and due to the fact that we are all on good terms, this has brought about the realization of this project. We have lots of ideas about ways to improve this project. Besides financial requirements, our biggest constraint is the lack of time. In spite of this, our determination enabled us to finish our project.

The entire team is proud to present to you their modest advancement in the knowledge of non-identified aero-spatial phenomena.


Thanks to all of the ICDV (The Invisibles at the Col de Vence) team for the work that has been accomplished. And in particular to :

Thanks also to all the friends of the group who helped with their clear and prudent advice : Pierre-Olivier, Yannick, CÚdric.

And finally, a big thank you to all of those who have helped us from near and far so that this project was able to see the light of day !