In this section various software programs or documents that were used for our AMS can be downloaded.


The main software program for the collection in real-time of video images and their recordings on the hard drive of the computer. Various software annexes are associated with UFOCapture (UFOAnalyser, UFOOrbit, see Sonotaco website).

Software for remote control of the computer. The AMS system may be controlled remotely by Wi-Fi using a laptop for example. The video files recorded by the AMS are also collected remotely via a secured Wi-Fi access.

Video player, not complex and free. To be used if your current video player doesn't suit you.

Codecs mpeg4 (Xvid). To download and install if you are not able to view the videos.


High sensitive astronomy camera used in the AMS (Watec website).

Lens currently used on the WAT-902H2 camera

Low energy mini-PC installed in the AMS (computer originally designed to be installed in a car).
For more information:

The model shown in this file is slightly different from ours. The exact model is the CALU-M2C.

Diagrams / Miscellaneous

Unit that cuts the electric power circuit during the day (adjustable light sensor).

Electronic diagram of light-sensitive switch.